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Weed Telegram – 420 coffee shop

Buy weed on telegram from 420 coffee shop: All items are packaged with the uttermost care & attention to ensure everything always arrives promptly and securely. We only use HQ business-style packaging materials! We ALWAYS use HQ anti-detection heat-sealed moisture barrier bags! We always use 99.9% IPA to clean packages properly & avoid contamination!

We always build our packages with multiple layers, so they do not feel suspicious! – Everything is vacuum-sealed, with Mylar bags used. Packages are wiped with alcohol to wipe away any scent of drugs. We are professionals, so do not worry about your orders being stolen. We work with professional machines to ensure no traces are left on the orders!!

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Your order will be shipped within 24 hours after ordering. It’s always vacuum sealed with decoy. Every package is checked twice before shipping. Shipping to the EU is always possible whatever quantity. We don’t ship to the Netherlands.

We sometimes send parcels using tracking even if the customer has selected ‘regular shipping’. This is to prevent scammers trying to claim an undelivered parcel. We don’t do this with every parcel mind you and we only using the tracking information in case of a dispute.

Please keep in mind that if you place an order during the weekend, it will only be shipped on Monday. Take that into account when calculating the delivery time. Also, during holidays postal services are overwhelmed with parcels and staff shortage so there will always be a delay of a few days in delivery time.

We might mark the order as shipped even though we might actually send it a day later. This is to prevent LE from trying to identify our delivery pattern.

Tracking information is available upon request. It’s important to remember that we can delay the release of the tracking code if we think it might jeopardize our security protocols or we might not release it at all, only in case of a dispute.

We cannot ship domestically (NL) using tracking code due to OPSEC protocols. We don’t do face to face or pick-up deliveries either, only through post.

We advise customers from Germany to use only the Regular Shipping option because with the Tracking code Europe option they might encounter problems with the Hermes Group (stealing parcels, failed deliveries, etc.). The Regular Shipping option to Germany has 100% success rate so don’t worry.