Why do you sell in the clear net?

Darknetweed team strongly believes that Europe is coming very close to cannabis legalization and we would like to be in that business a little bit ahead before it happens. Although, our deep-web website will be operating shortly.

Do you also ship outside the Netherlands?<br />

Yes, of course! We deliver to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France. In all other countries have become a lot more difficult to guarantee successful delivery due to the stricter corona measures. That is why we have chosen not to do this anymore!

The tracking code does not show an update (anymore). What now?

Despite the fact that in most cases T&T or NLpostman shipments are usually delivered the next working day, it sometimes happens that the status of a shipment is constantly pushed forward or even stops completely. It is always unclear to us what the exact reasons are, but one of the causes could be a delay, loss by the mail order company, theft, or even interception.

Of course, we understand that you as a customer are naturally very disappointed (just like us) if this occurs and would like more information about this. Unfortunately, the only real thing is that we have absolutely no further information other than what you see on the
tracking page itself.

Since we have absolutely no influence or grip on the delivery process or are kept informed at all by the mail order company, there is, unfortunately, no other option than to wait and see. If your order is still “stuck” 21 days after the shipping date, you can always claim a
completely free subsequent delivery of your entire order by e-mail.

No matter how annoying, until then we would really like to ask you not to try to get more information through our support department. As said, we simply do not have this information (as much as we would like to), and to prevent our support department from continuously building up a huge backlog, we cannot and will not respond to these emails.

How can I place an order?<br />

You can easily add the desired products and quantities to your shopping cart. Once you are ready to pay click on“ checkout” and this will take you to the checkout page.

I placed an order but did not receive a confirmation email.<br />

First, check whether you have provided the correct email address. You can change your email address via the account settings or by contacting us. It is also possible that the confirmation email has reached your unwanted email. If you have still not received an email after checking, please contact us via the contact form. Always state the order number so that we know exactly which order it concerns!

Can I pick up my order in person?<br />

No that is not possible! Orders are only sent by post.

Can I also order from Belgium?<br />

Yes! We also ship all our products to Belgium. Just like other countries such as Germany and France.

I would like to pay with a different type of crypto is this possible?

No, Unfortunately not! For now, we only accept BTC, BNB, BUSD, LTC, BCH, USDT, ETH, and XMR. This may be adjusted in the near future and we will also accept other crypto coins.