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Improvement of medical cannabis scheme in the uk

In January, the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis called on the united kingdom government to review its medicinal cannabis policies, after a survey it conducted indicated that there might be as many as 1.4 million Britons currently self-medicating with illicit cannabis to tackle diagnosed medical conditions. In July, medical cannabis campaigners echoed this call in an letter penned to the house secretary, Priti Patel, highlighting the issues that remain in trying to access legal cannabis medicine via the National Health Service (NHS). Buy weed online uk

Though a “quick fix” to the system looks unlikely, there are positive progress made for medical cannabis patients in 2020. Changes to import restrictions made by the house Office and therefore the Medicines and Healthcare Products regulatory authority now leave licensed wholesalers to import and hold larger quantities of cannabis medicine, which the govt says should improve the long waiting times and access issues, which had affected approved medical cannabis patients.

The most recent notable change to the united kingdom system may be a new medical cannabis card initiative, created by medical cannabis campaigners and backed by several police chiefs. Holders of such a Cancard are going to be easily identifiable as medical cannabis users and can even have access to a free legal helpline.

“The Cancard will provide [holders] with assurance that their unhealthiness won’t cause a record ,” Martyn Underhill, the police and crime commissioner for Dorset, said following the announcement of the scheme. “It also will be a valuable tool to assist frontline officers, saving them time by providing immediate verification of genuine medical patients and thus giving them confidence to use their discretion.”

Sapphire Medical Clinics, the primary UK medical cannabis clinic to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), also announced this year that it might begin offering its patients a replacement , cheaper range of cannabis products, which should be cheaper than the unregulated illicit cannabis that desperate prospective patients may address .

While progress on this front might appear slow, hopes are going to be pinned on “slow and steady” winning the race for improved accessibility and better support for medical cannabis patients this decade.

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