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Marijuana and Diabetes

Marijuana and Diabetes

Marijuana and Diabetes. Is there any truth? Anecdotal story here! (by Arnold_Horshack)

For approximately 15 years, I used marijuana every day. When I had to take a test, I gave up. I was diagnosed with type II diabetes with an A1C of 10.7 around two years later. Metformin 1000mg twice daily has been given to me. It was lowered down to 6.2 over a two-year period.

Then I stopped taking it twice a day, but I continued to take it once a day. I also continued to cheat on my diet with carbs on occasion, assuming that Metformin would cover it. Then it climbed back to 6.7.

Back to the present. About four months ago, I resumed my marijuana use only one in the morning, one at lunch, and a few in the evening. Small refers to a dugout or a single hit, as opposed to a joint or a bowl. I got an update at my primary last week. 5.9!

So, if I didn’t really adjust my diet and cut my Metformin in half for the most part, but still have the lowest A1C, is the cannabis to blame or praise?


Honestly, you’re unlikely to ever get a straight answer on this. There are only two types of people talking about marijuana on the internet in regards to medicine: 1. people who think marijuana is the devil and will kill you or 2. people who think marijuana can miraculously solve every medical problem you have. And neither one is doing much in the way of peer-reviewed science.

Question about the effect of weed on blood sugar (By ConradOCE)

So recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Just wondering if any fellow type 1s have advice about the effect of weed on blood sugar levels. As in should I put in more or less insulin. Or is the effect relatively low?

I say this because alcohol has a pretty big impact on blood sugars. In particular the morning after.

I’m not a frequent pot user. Just wanna make sure for the next time there are no shocks.

Thanks in advance, as this isn’t something I couldn’t exactly go and ask my diabetes educator about


There is a legitimate scientific study showing that cannabis can have numerous positive benefits to those with diabetes, including acting as a vasodilator to improve circulation, being an anti-inflammatory, and contributing to a lower-stress lifestyle with attendant lower blood pressure. there are also very preliminary examinations into cannabis as an agent to stabilize small variations in blood sugar levels.

There is a single animal model that may suggest that cannabis increases insulin metabolism very slightly, but this has yet to undergo any further investigation.

Conventional medical practice says that cannabis has no effect on diabetes (but smoking does). the body systems involved aren’t related. it is very unlike alcohol, which taxes the GI, the primary system affected by diabetes. 

This is likely what your physician will tell you when you discuss your cannabis consumption with him or her, which I strongly recommend you do.

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