Gelato Hash


Gelato hash is loved for its delicious taste but is best known for its powerful euphoric effects. Feel free to place your order.

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Gelato hash

We offer our filtered Gelato Kush in keeping with our “Following Darknetweed” concept and our never-ending quest for the pinnacle of nature. While earthy and woodsy scents are typically associated with Kush strains, our filtered Gelato Kush stands out for its balanced blend of sweet citrus and earthy overtones.

This mostly Indica strain—also referred to as Gelato 33 or Larry Bird—is the outcome of the fusion of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. Sherbinskis created this exquisitely tasted mix by hand in the center of the energetic city of San Francisco.

More about Gelato hash

The wonderful aroma will stimulate even the most experienced of senses. It has a sweet, almost cake-like aroma, with notes of fresh lavender and blueberries.

gelato hash
gelato hash

Gelato hash is loved for its delicious taste but is best known for its powerful euphoric effects. First-time users should take note, as this strain can deliver a powerful cerebral rush within minutes of smoking. Incidentally, these powerful cerebral effects do not leave the user numb or confined on the sofa; but will instead give way to an increase in positive thinking and concentrated energy. As this euphoria gradually increases, the body will slowly relax into a blissful state of relaxation. Buy Gelato Hash Online

  • THC: +/- 25%
  • Flavors: Sweet, creamy, blueberry, spicy
  • Effects: Euphoric, energetic, focused, creative
  • Medicinal: Stress, pain, depression

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