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Kush Berry Hash
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Kush Berry Hash


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Kush Berry, also known as Kush Berry or Berry Kush, is a perfect combination of two flavors that both originate from the American West Coast.

Blueberry, one of the most flavourful cannabis strains, and OG Kush, rightfully one of the best Kush strains, were crossed to create a new potentially legendary cannabis strain.

KushBerry hash has a slightly sweet and recognizable OG Kush aroma, but the taste is reminiscent of the smooth blueberry flavor and hints of spice.

Kush Berry has inherited its powerful Sativa effects from OG Kush, giving it an uplifting, happy, and euphoric high. Thanks to its Blueberry genetics, this strain also produces a more intense body high in its later stages. It is this seamless blend of mental and physical effects that makes this Moroccan hashish one of the best.

THC: +/- 25%

Flavors: Spicy, sweet, earthy, blueberry, pine,

Effects: Happy, exhilarated, euphoric, relaxed

Medicinal: Stress, pain, depression

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