Purple Gorilla Glue


Purple gorilla glue has a strong effect is extremely relaxing, just what you need to reduce stress, or for a great smoke to help you sleep at night.

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Purple Gorilla Glue

Purple Gorilla Glue, named after its violet-purple, oversized buds, is an Indica-dominant hybrid that originated in the Bay Area of California. Although we can’t be sure of its parentage, Purple Gorilla Glue is said to contain 60% Indica genetics, which is evident in its powerful relief from pain, insomnia, migraines, and muscle spasms. The aroma is a sweet fusion of grape, cherry, and citrus, which makes the purple, trichome-speckled buds even more evocative.

Purple Gorilla Glue turned out to be nothing short of spectacular. She has a THC content of 25-26%, with some phenotypes reported to contain as much as 30%, making her one of the strongest Indicas around. As for the name, according to cannabis chronicles, the growers chose the name Purple Gorilla Glue, given the strain’s insane resin production, with men sticking to all sorts of things after working with the newly created strain. But her name also refers to Purple Gorilla Glue’s great, powerful high that makes you stick to your couch (“glue”) and relax completely, although her effect is not just a heavy physical stone, but also contains a strongly balanced euphoria.

Gorilla glue effects

With an average THC content of 24-26%, with some phenotypes reportedly containing as much as 30%, Purple Gorilla Glue offers an incredibly potent yet balanced smoking experience. Her strong effect is extremely relaxing, just what you need to reduce stress, or for a great smoke to help you sleep at night. But it is not only suitable for a relaxing night, but it also causes a happy and uplifting feeling at the same time. Given its potency, Purple Gorilla Glue has become a favorite strain among medical users who want a potent herb for pain relief, depression, sleep problems, and many other conditions.

With its taste of earthy and sweet undertones and a sweet fusion of grape, cherry, pine, and a hint of lemon. Purple Gorilla Glue offers great smoke in addition to its strong effect.

Thanks to its excellent qualities, Purple Gorilla Glue has already won many awards since its introduction to the cannabis world, including the 2014 Cannabis Cup and the 2015 World Cannabis Cup for the best cross. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

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