White Choco G13


White Choco G13 tastes delicious, intense, and sweetly fruity.

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White Choco G13

White Choco G13 is one of the most legendary weed varieties in the world. There are many myths and mysterious stories surrounding the origins of the Afghani Indica. G13 is a cross with this illustrious weed.

A cross with a weed variety that is also not the least: Hawaiian Haze. Sativas of the purest kind. The result of this G13 and Hawaiian Sativa produces particularly sticky, compact buds with lots of THC!

According to G13 legend, this strain was originally a joint project between scientists in organizations such as the CIA and FBI. They were suspected of using the genes they had confiscated from growers around the world in order to breed a very potent strain themselves. This was way back in the 1960s, in a top-secret laboratory at the . Here, a brave technician saw his chance to provide the cannabis community with G13 by stealing a few clones. You can be critical of the truth behind this G13 legend, but guys like Edward Snowden have shown us what secret services are all about.

White Choco G13 offers you a high THC percentage of at least 22%, so a powerful high. When smoked, White Choco G13 tastes delicious, intense, and sweetly fruity like a good Haze strain should. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.

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